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Ford Mustang New model — The best design award of a commercial car

Ford  Mustang  New model

January 13, the Detroit auto show 14 which opened in the U.S.
In the booth of the Ford brand of Ford Motor, the precious concept car which can be called new style “Mustang” root was announced.
Ford “1 concept” of the product [ concept car / the ] made from 1962.
Although first Mustang comes out in 1964, Ford is manufacturing Ford 1 concept before that as a concept car which explores the directivity of new style Mustang.
It has this Ford 1 concept and a considerably different form from first Mustang of a trade edition.
A headlight is a retractable type.
A bar like a rollover bar characterizes the body of an open 2-seater, and its window screen is also very low.
body size was also somewhat smaller than first Mustang above.
Moreover, although first Mustang had put the engine on the front, it adopts a midship layout in Ford 1 concept.
The midship sport which carries a 1.5-liter gasoline engine is proposed.
Mustang will greet the turning point of the 50th anniversary of a debut in the spring of 2014.
In the Detroit auto show 14, Ford Motor exhibited Ford 1 concept and all the past models, and had attached the flower to the appearance of the new model used as the 7th generation.
New style Ford “Mustang” in which a major U.S. automobile company and Ford Motor made their auto show debut with the Detroit auto show 14 which opened in January 13 and the U.S.
The car won the best design award of the commercial car of this Detroit auto show.
This is a customary event of the Detroit auto show, and the thing which “EyesON Design Awards” announced.
New style Mustang is shining with the best design award of the commercial car of the Detroit auto show 14.
EyesON Design Awards is a prize awarded to the model equipped with the outstanding design out of the car exhibited by the Detroit auto show.
Focusing on the design top of an automaker, a judge is constituted and elects one best set at the Ryobe gate of a concept car and a commercial car.
32 persons participate in a judge all members from GM, Honda, Ford Motor, Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan,  Kier, the Chrysler group, etc.
The sporty design of the fastback style is evaluated and new style Mustang wins the best design award of a commercial vehicle section.
In addition, as for the concept car section, Volvo “concept XC coupe” has gained the crown.

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