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What should I do when not riding in a car for a long period of time?

The distance, as for, a standard private car runs in one year is said to be about 10,000 km before. It seems that however, every year serves as mileage of the private car average in about 7000 km recently probably because only a holiday also has many people who do not grab a handle.
Although just the mileage of a car which it rides in only about 1 time per week at most is inelastic, it is on the contrary easy to break down condition.
Furthermore, if it does not ride for a long period of time, a car cannot be set as others.
If it sets as others then, a car will lose a function as a machine certainly.
Reference photograph: TRUST grex Mass oil pan kit (notes) If one month passes after suspending the engine which is a tuning part, the oil inside an engine has fallen to the oil pan completely.
The oil film coated [ the inside of an engine ] will also be lost three months after, and the moving part surface will corrode.
Furthermore, a fuel hose etc. are got blocked with the fuel which remains in the fuel system deteriorating, and a battery also weakens.
It will hydrolyze, if a car is not moved, and rubber boots, such as a tire and axle part, will also deteriorate in drops.
Not moving is also contracting and carrying out the life of a car as a result.
Therefore, even when not riding in a car, let’s start the engine of one week once and make it move in one month once.
Oil is turned to engine each part, a fuel system is washed, and a battery is charged.
Only in a short-time idling, it does not fully get warm to a muffler, but the inside of a silencer will be covered with moisture, it will be the cause of corrosion, and carbon also adheres near a combustion chamber easily.
If it is said that there is no time so that a car is run, let’s carry out by carrying out in 空ぶ, and drive out moisture in a muffler, after carrying out sufficient warmth at least.

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