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Honda N-Wagon and Insight

This time, I will tell you the test drive report Honda, of N-WGN.
And of N-WGN not custom, did test drive, it is NA.
The new basic Japanese. N-WGN that touts phrase with.
Compared to N-ONE unique, N-WGN of a standard design.

When I boarded , also interior , standard still .
Speaking of bad , there is no noteworthy point to say this .
It is such a N-WGN , but also ride , or would a standard .

As with Move , and the like Wagon R, ordinary light . As a result of started to run with the intention of ,
First , whoa first ? Acceleration or not good ? I felt .

No wonder , Move and Wagon R is 52ps, it also whereas the 49ps Days ,
‘s Also 58ps even NA is N-WGN.
Even 6ps only , the difference of 10% . I can feel the difference for sure .

On the contrary, it is accelerating bad Nissan DAYZ. I would think .

Ride , slightly harder .
Since this is such that it can be said that Honda cars in general , there will be also the quality of Honda .
I think that’s likes and dislikes each person , but the stability of the curve , etc. is good .

That it was worried about a little at the end .
Engine sound , wonder if a little noisy ? I think .
I understand that you have been told since I was a N-BOX,
Well , considering that they are that much powerful ,
Wonder if tolerance ? Hope that it will be , but I think that it is slightly annoying than rival cars .

Even so , this run , turbo or not you do not need anymore in NA?
I felt .


Without Insight Honda is model change ,
Information such as the sale end came .

Insight is a pioneer of the Honda hybrid ,
The current model has been released – 2009 . If you follow the old days more , in 1999 before the first-generation Prius ,
First generation Insight was sold until 2006 .

Such insight also , and third-generation Prius , which Toyota has thrown in appearance immediately after ,
In the form of losing the second generation hybrid fit their own ,
State sales is not wielded much has been going on .

Because say recently , about 200 units monthly sales has been going on ,
There would be no honest be helped , even if the sale end .

Successor ? If people are telling me – and it is different in a strict sense Insight is not a sedan ,
Sedan , which is based on fit , City would be the closest .

Similar to the fit hybrid price of the new Honda City is ?

This one , is expected to appear in April this year ,
And you have before and after the sale of Insight will be a end .

More familiar Insight appeared at that time , the hybrid . That
Only sympathized The catchphrase , there is something a little lonely .

However , Honda also got a hybrid technology full-fledged ,
Because I able to provide familiar , such as fit hybrid ,
The role of one of the Insight might be done.

Honda Insght is popular at Japanese used vehicles market.

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