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New Mazda Axela with Diesel engine

Since new information went into the model change of Mazda and Axela, I will tell.
As for the next Axela based on the design of the Atenza tone, expansion and overall height became low and full width was finished on the sportier car.
Full length x overall height x full width (inside of parenthesis is present ratio) 4460mm(±0) x1450mm(-15 mm) x1795mm (+40 mm)
It has the above sizes.
Moreover, clean diesel and a hybrid are also supplied and the 2.2L hybrid as what is carried in CX-5 with same clean diesel is carried only in a sedan for the time being, and since it is the president reason and “having been finished in considerable good fuel consumption”, I will expect fuel consumption performance.
Axle part does not have a front wheel and multilink, and a present type and change do not have the MacPherson strut  and a rear wheel.
Although it is the information from an overseas site, 1.5L, 2.0L, and the diesel car of a gasoline-powered car are 2.2L, and since a hybrid model probably serves as sale only in Japan, there is no information in the site here.
It updates, as soon as the numerical value of detailed fuel consumption and the information on a price enter.

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