New Mazda Demio will be released soon !

The full model change of Mazda and Demio has approached.
Now, Demio carries a part of SKY ACTIV technology which was a developmental stage those days, and has realized fuel consumption called 25.0 km/L.
Now which the SKY ACTIV technology also completed, like Aksera, CX-5, etc., next Demio will utilize the SKY ACTIV technology for full, and will be improved from a frame to an engine and transmission.
“Soul ” is adopted and the feeling of unification as a Mazda car can give a design.
A possibility of a power train that a gasoline engine vehicle and the newly developed small displacement volume turbo engine car will be thrown in is high.
At present about a hybrid car, the voice of an injection does not have a sonority lever.
since the injection was shelved from the problem of the space also the Acsera sport — smaller Demio — still more — it will be .
However, by complete adoption of the SKY ACTIV technology, fuel consumption is likely to improve sharply and the fuel consumption for which 30 km/L is pressed realizes it.
rather than — it could not supply to a market, unless it takes out the second half of the level of 20 km, since larger fits than Demio are 26.0 km/L and the notes are 25.2 km/L.
From now on, a Soul design with that force is pleasure about in what kind of form it is embodied by the small body.
It is expected that the appearance of new style Demio becomes around the summer of 2014.

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