Lexus CT200h

The minor change of the CT200h of Lexus is carried out.
In this minor change, an exterior changes a lot and a powerful spindle grill is adopted.
The world premium was carried out by the Chinese Guanzhou auto show, and Tokyo Motor Show of the period was also exhibited.
Rather than old CT200h, the form of a spindle grill is bordered with silver plating, and is conspicuous.
When this is F sport, it becomes a mesh grill and comes to be more conspicuous.
It seems that a steering is changed into what [ 370 mm in diameter ] is equivalent to Lexus IS although an interior design does not change fundamentally.
In addition, strengthening of body rigidity and an improvement of a degree of comfort are realized by the addition of spot welding, improvement of the suspension, etc.
It seems that the price is raised by 150,000 yen and it changes to 4,210,000 yen about F sport although the price is fundamentally the same as the present vehicle.
New style Lexus CT200h is put onto the market also in the middle of this month.

Lexus CT200h
Development of the model used as the prototype of LS F is progressing also to Lexus LS.
Now, although there is a sport grade called F sport, the lineup of the “F” which fundamental one made from an engine is the same as other grades, and is a high-end model is not carried out to Lexus LS.
This concept car supplements the income for V8 or 5000-cc engine carried in IS F by a twin turbo, and demonstrates explosion power called horsepower output 650ps and maximum torque 78.0kgm.
Although the concrete marketing planning of LS F is not clear yet at present, it is thought that its a possibility that LS F will also be put on the market someday is high since Lexus is planning substantial F series one by one.
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