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Ford Mustang New model — The best design award of a commercial car

Ford  Mustang  New model

January 13, the Detroit auto show 14 which opened in the U.S.
In the booth of the Ford brand of Ford Motor, the precious concept car which can be called new style “Mustang” root was announced.
Ford “1 concept” of the product [ concept car / the ] made from 1962.
Although first Mustang comes out in 1964, Ford is manufacturing Ford 1 concept before that as a concept car which explores the directivity of new style Mustang.
It has this Ford 1 concept and a considerably different form from first Mustang of a trade edition.
A headlight is a retractable type.
A bar like a rollover bar characterizes the body of an open 2-seater, and its window screen is also very low.
body size was also somewhat smaller than first Mustang above.
Moreover, although first Mustang had put the engine on the front, it adopts a midship layout in Ford 1 concept.
The midship sport which carries a 1.5-liter gasoline engine is proposed.
Mustang will greet the turning point of the 50th anniversary of a debut in the spring of 2014.
In the Detroit auto show 14, Ford Motor exhibited Ford 1 concept and all the past models, and had attached the flower to the appearance of the new model used as the 7th generation.
New style Ford “Mustang” in which a major U.S. automobile company and Ford Motor made their auto show debut with the Detroit auto show 14 which opened in January 13 and the U.S.
The car won the best design award of the commercial car of this Detroit auto show.
This is a customary event of the Detroit auto show, and the thing which “EyesON Design Awards” announced.
New style Mustang is shining with the best design award of the commercial car of the Detroit auto show 14.
EyesON Design Awards is a prize awarded to the model equipped with the outstanding design out of the car exhibited by the Detroit auto show.
Focusing on the design top of an automaker, a judge is constituted and elects one best set at the Ryobe gate of a concept car and a commercial car.
32 persons participate in a judge all members from GM, Honda, Ford Motor, Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan,  Kier, the Chrysler group, etc.
The sporty design of the fastback style is evaluated and new style Mustang wins the best design award of a commercial vehicle section.
In addition, as for the concept car section, Volvo “concept XC coupe” has gained the crown.

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Lexus CT200h

The minor change of the CT200h of Lexus is carried out.
In this minor change, an exterior changes a lot and a powerful spindle grill is adopted.
The world premium was carried out by the Chinese Guanzhou auto show, and Tokyo Motor Show of the period was also exhibited.
Rather than old CT200h, the form of a spindle grill is bordered with silver plating, and is conspicuous.
When this is F sport, it becomes a mesh grill and comes to be more conspicuous.
It seems that a steering is changed into what [ 370 mm in diameter ] is equivalent to Lexus IS although an interior design does not change fundamentally.
In addition, strengthening of body rigidity and an improvement of a degree of comfort are realized by the addition of spot welding, improvement of the suspension, etc.
It seems that the price is raised by 150,000 yen and it changes to 4,210,000 yen about F sport although the price is fundamentally the same as the present vehicle.
New style Lexus CT200h is put onto the market also in the middle of this month.

Lexus CT200h
Development of the model used as the prototype of LS F is progressing also to Lexus LS.
Now, although there is a sport grade called F sport, the lineup of the “F” which fundamental one made from an engine is the same as other grades, and is a high-end model is not carried out to Lexus LS.
This concept car supplements the income for V8 or 5000-cc engine carried in IS F by a twin turbo, and demonstrates explosion power called horsepower output 650ps and maximum torque 78.0kgm.
Although the concrete marketing planning of LS F is not clear yet at present, it is thought that its a possibility that LS F will also be put on the market someday is high since Lexus is planning substantial F series one by one.
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New Mazda Axela with Diesel engine

Since new information went into the model change of Mazda and Axela, I will tell.
As for the next Axela based on the design of the Atenza tone, expansion and overall height became low and full width was finished on the sportier car.
Full length x overall height x full width (inside of parenthesis is present ratio) 4460mm(±0) x1450mm(-15 mm) x1795mm (+40 mm)
It has the above sizes.
Moreover, clean diesel and a hybrid are also supplied and the 2.2L hybrid as what is carried in CX-5 with same clean diesel is carried only in a sedan for the time being, and since it is the president reason and “having been finished in considerable good fuel consumption”, I will expect fuel consumption performance.
Axle part does not have a front wheel and multilink, and a present type and change do not have the MacPherson strut  and a rear wheel.
Although it is the information from an overseas site, 1.5L, 2.0L, and the diesel car of a gasoline-powered car are 2.2L, and since a hybrid model probably serves as sale only in Japan, there is no information in the site here.
It updates, as soon as the numerical value of detailed fuel consumption and the information on a price enter.

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New Mazda Demio will be released soon !

The full model change of Mazda and Demio has approached.
Now, Demio carries a part of SKY ACTIV technology which was a developmental stage those days, and has realized fuel consumption called 25.0 km/L.
Now which the SKY ACTIV technology also completed, like Aksera, CX-5, etc., next Demio will utilize the SKY ACTIV technology for full, and will be improved from a frame to an engine and transmission.
“Soul ” is adopted and the feeling of unification as a Mazda car can give a design.
A possibility of a power train that a gasoline engine vehicle and the newly developed small displacement volume turbo engine car will be thrown in is high.
At present about a hybrid car, the voice of an injection does not have a sonority lever.
since the injection was shelved from the problem of the space also the Acsera sport — smaller Demio — still more — it will be .
However, by complete adoption of the SKY ACTIV technology, fuel consumption is likely to improve sharply and the fuel consumption for which 30 km/L is pressed realizes it.
rather than — it could not supply to a market, unless it takes out the second half of the level of 20 km, since larger fits than Demio are 26.0 km/L and the notes are 25.2 km/L.
From now on, a Soul design with that force is pleasure about in what kind of form it is embodied by the small body.
It is expected that the appearance of new style Demio becomes around the summer of 2014.

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What should I do when not riding in a car for a long period of time?

The distance, as for, a standard private car runs in one year is said to be about 10,000 km before. It seems that however, every year serves as mileage of the private car average in about 7000 km recently probably because only a holiday also has many people who do not grab a handle.
Although just the mileage of a car which it rides in only about 1 time per week at most is inelastic, it is on the contrary easy to break down condition.
Furthermore, if it does not ride for a long period of time, a car cannot be set as others.
If it sets as others then, a car will lose a function as a machine certainly.
Reference photograph: TRUST grex Mass oil pan kit (notes) If one month passes after suspending the engine which is a tuning part, the oil inside an engine has fallen to the oil pan completely.
The oil film coated [ the inside of an engine ] will also be lost three months after, and the moving part surface will corrode.
Furthermore, a fuel hose etc. are got blocked with the fuel which remains in the fuel system deteriorating, and a battery also weakens.
It will hydrolyze, if a car is not moved, and rubber boots, such as a tire and axle part, will also deteriorate in drops.
Not moving is also contracting and carrying out the life of a car as a result.
Therefore, even when not riding in a car, let’s start the engine of one week once and make it move in one month once.
Oil is turned to engine each part, a fuel system is washed, and a battery is charged.
Only in a short-time idling, it does not fully get warm to a muffler, but the inside of a silencer will be covered with moisture, it will be the cause of corrosion, and carbon also adheres near a combustion chamber easily.
If it is said that there is no time so that a car is run, let’s carry out by carrying out in 空ぶ, and drive out moisture in a muffler, after carrying out sufficient warmth at least.

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